Break time

Today is angry day. Well, yesterday was angry day as I’m writing this at 2am.

A while ago, my centre speaker started playing up and eventually became virtually unusable last week. Ho hum. Also last week, the remote-controlled plug socket I use to take my TV/amplifier/PlayStation off standby died. Bah humbug.

Yesterday my phone started playing up so that it turns on whenever you a) turn it off or b) put the battery in. Boo hoo. Also yesterday, I decided to move my Steam installation from one drive to another and now SteamGuard won’t let me log in without the code from a verification email, which I can’t get Valve to send. Grr grr argh.

So I am now somewhat cheesed off, no doubt a major contributory factor in tonight’s inability to sleep. I hope stuff stops breaking and starts mending soon or I’m going to have to write a strongly-worded letter. You just see if I don’t.

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