Man stuff

Once in a blue moon I get out my tools and do the kinds of things that men are supposed to do, i.e. drill holes, bang nails into things and cut things up. A few weeks ago I decided to improve the coverage of our wireless router by keeping it in the same place but moving the aerials: I did this by buying some long aerial cables, unscrewing the aerials from the router, screwing in the cables then attaching the aerials to the other end. Basically, aerial extension leads.

This worked; wireless signals in our new extension were much stronger (damn you, foil-lined plasterboard). However it looked ugly, so I bought a little plastic ‘project box’ from Maplin, drilled some holes in it and made myself a little aerial box. I’m quite chuffed with it; it looks like a ‘proper’ thingummydoodah that you’d buy in a shop.

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