Electric spaghetti

We re-decorated our living room this week and I had to move the TV and all the things connected to it. It took me about an hour. Putting it all back again took me over two hours.

Why? Due to the colossal amount of electrical spaghetti that’s involved:
Electrical spaghetti

Down there on the left is a network switch with eight cables plugged into it. One of those goes to my router but the other seven go to various AV devices: amplifier (although I don’t really use its network functionality), smart TV (again, smart features rarely used), TiVo (so that I can control it from my phone), PS3, FireTV, Blu-ray player (also has smart features that I hardly ever use) and Chromebox (which I use to run Kodi).

Each of those devices also has at least one power and HDMI cable, then there are the six speaker connections (including subwoofer). Finally there’s a device that receives an IR signal and turns it into a Bluetooth signal for the PS3 so that I can control it from my remote.

This mess is the down-side of being a geek, but it means I get loads of cool stuff connected to my telly. The Kodi Chromebox in particular is awesome.